Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Now Set for March 15

The Samsung Galaxy S4 release date could be as early as March 15.

Sam Mobile is now reporting that a "trusted insider" revealed Samsung's plan to unveil the smartphone on March 15 at a special "Mobile Unpacked" event. Previous reports suggested that the company would choose a top secret location to unveil the device. This location is said to be somewhere in the U.S.

The first countries to make the Galaxy S4 available are said to be eastern nations in Europe with the entire Europe and Asia expected to receive it before the end of April. Accessories for the device are expected to launch between April 8 and April 14. This information also points to a definite April release date for the flagship handset.

The Galaxy S4 is arguably the most anticipated smartphone for 2013. It will replace the wildly popular Samsung Galaxy S3, which is one of the highest-selling handsets of 2012.

The Galaxy S3 catapulted Samsung to the front of the smartphone world in many markets such as the U.S. The Galaxy S4 is expected to take the company even further.

Strategy Analytics published a report which showed that Samsung accounted for 31.8 percent of smartphone sales in the U.S., beating out Apple, who accounted for 26.2 percent thanks to the Galaxy S3.

However, Apple released its flagship smartphone nearly five months after Samsung launched the Galaxy S3, so the Korean-based company had a slight advantage. The company secured a victory in the fourth quarter of 2012 having 34 percent market share overall, with Samsung trailing with 32.3 percent.

This data is a compiled using the total smartphone sales of both companies that includes all iPhone models and Samsung handsets.