Galaxy S5 Release Date to Fall Around Mobile World Congress 2014

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will land around this year's Mobile World Congress 2014, according to recent reports. The device is expected to be unveiled around the time of the technology conference, according to a statement made by Samsung's Vice President and Head of Design Strategy Doog-hoon Chang.

Picture: Android AuthorityGalaxy S5 Concept

MWC normally takes place in Feb. which means the Galaxy S5 unveiling could be just around the corner. Those expecting the smartphone to debut at CES will be a bit disappointed with the news.

Doog-hoon also revealed that a new material is being considered for the Galaxy S5 and did not confirm what it was.

There is a possibility of Samsung releasing two versions of the S5 including a regular and Active model. The flexible display that is rumored for the Galaxy S5 is currently under review, according to the Samsung exec who also stated that he would be surprised if one was featured on the handset at launch.

A curved version could end up being released after the original model.

All this information should be taken with a grain of salt as Samsung has confirmed nothing on the device at this time.

A new concept video for the Galaxy S5 released by Rozetked features a version of the device that has its own version of Apple's Touch ID.

However, the designers chose to alter the name a bit calling it Reach ID. They also changed it significantly from Apple's fingerprint sensor as the device could be accessed by touching it anywhere instead of just on the home button. Users will be able to put their finger on any part of the screen to unlock it.

The full video showing off this concept is now available. See it here.

Reach ID can also unlock the S5 by listening to the owner's voice. The concept video shows voice features that let users create a workflow for their device. Any app can be opened using it and videos and pictures could be accessed as well.