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Apple Lawsuit Gets Samsung to Put Tab Away For Now in Australia

Apple Lawsuit Gets Samsung to Put Tab Away For Now in Australia

**UPDATE - Samsung announces that it will still launch the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia in the near future.

Add one more case to the Apple versus Samsung dispute. Samsung came to an agreement with Apple on Monday to suspend Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Australia at least until the patent infringement conflict with Apple is resolved, according to Bloomberg.

Halting sales for the Galaxy Tab would imply losses for Samsung, which leaves us wondering why the South Korean company, fierce in sales and which recently emerged ruthless in legal clashes with Apple, made that decision.

Turns out that Apple also made an agreement to pay damages if it were to lose the lawsuit to Samsung.

Apple claims that the Galaxy Tab infracts various Apple patents including the touch display technology as well as the design, although Samsung said that the tablet it would sell in Australia is different from the tablet Apple was basing its lawsuit on, the media outlet reported.

Although both companies have been unrelenting in their claims since the dispute was manifested in April, it is good to know that both have found some common ground by reaching such agreement, which for better or worse will help the case move forward.

Other current Apple legal woes include a class-action suit in South Korea against a location recording function found in the iPhone. According to the Korea Herald, this function violates privacy laws in Korea and could cost the firm up to $25.6 million in settlement. Miraelaw, the law firm in charge of the lawsuit, announced it would file the case this month.


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