Sea World Indoctrinating Kids With Darwinism, Says Apologist

A young earth creationist is accusing Sea World of "evolutionary indoctrination." Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, says the new dinosaur exhibit at the marine mammal park in Australia pushes Darwinism on children.

Ham's family visited Dinosaur Island, the new attraction at Sea World on the Gold Coast, Australia, which opened in June and will remain open until next summer. After the trip, his son-in-law concluded, "As we saw at Sea World, most parents had no idea what they were doing to their children by taking them to this new 'temple' of evolutionary secular humanism and letting them be indoctrinated in this anti-God religion."

Ham made additional observations on his blog Tuesday, saying that the exhibit has one purpose: "to convince children and mums and dads that Darwinian evolution is fact and that birds are actually dinosaurs (because dinosaurs supposedly grew feathers and became birds)."

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For years, Ham, whose apologetics ministry is behind the Creation Museum, has warned that the teaching of evolution to children contributes to the undermining of the authority of God's Word. On top of that, many churches are also rejecting the inerrancy of Scripture and compromising the account of creation in Genesis, he has argued.

"When you believe in millions of years of evolution and add it to the Bible, you actually have to change what the Bible clearly says," he told The Christian Post in an earlier interview. "You have to reinterpret it. That unlocks the door to say that you don't take this as written. You reinterpret it from outside influences, which means that you tell the next generation that you can't take the Bible as written. So you just undermine biblical authority."

Much like the Creation Museum, Dinosaur Island at Sea World features animatronic dinosaurs. Children also have the chance to dig for fossils and play educational games such as "Find the 4 Dinosaurs."

What disturbed Ham's son-in-law was how the exhibit "blatantly" tried to "indoctrinate" kids with the "religion of evolutionary humanism and millions of years."

According to the "facts" on the Sea World website, "Dinosaurs first appeared in the Triassic period, about 200 million years ago. They became extinct in the Cretaceous period, around 65 million years ago."

The website also states: "Many scientists believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs."

Ham's son-in-law rejected the claims.

He wrote, "According to the true history book of the universe-the Bible-birds were made on Day 5, and dinosaurs (which are land animals) were made on Day 6. So birds existed before dinosaurs. But evolutionists claim dinosaurs existed before birds!

"They cover T. rex with feathers, where no T. rex fossil has ever been found with feathers. Then the exhibit covers a Velociraptor with feathers, but researchers have never found a fossil one with feathers."

He continued, "They also talk about 'protofeathers' in the exhibit. So, what is a 'protofeather?' Well it's something that is not a feather but evolutionists want it to be a feather! But it's all in the terminology that is used to indoctrinate the public."

What evolutionists do, he argued, is try to make birds look like dinosaurs or vice versa or "take bones of both birds and dinosaurs and try to make a fictional link."

Explaining history based on the biblical account of the flood, he wrote, "Biblical creationists would say that the fossil layers from which they are digging up these fossilized birds were laid down during the Flood (about 4,300 years ago) and that they were buried the same year as the dinosaurs (now dinosaur fossils) that the evolutionists claim they have supposedly evolved from. The millions of years is a farce in light of a global Flood."

According to a LifeWay Research survey, Protestant pastors are split on the age of the earth with 43 percent disagreeing that it's 6,000 years old and 46 percent agreeing. Seventy-three percent disagree that God used evolution to create people.

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