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Selah frontwoman asks for prayers as California fires threaten home

Selah frontwoman asks for prayers as California fires threaten home

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Selah singer Amy Perry asked friends and supporters for prayers as the California Kincade Fire came near her home and church. 

The Kincade Fire has ravaged more than 74,000 acres in Sonoma County, California, over the weekend. It’s the state’s largest wildfire and has only been 15% contained, according to the Calfire agency's fire map. Over 100 structures have been damaged, and 60 were completely destroyed, according to news reports.  

On Sunday, Selah member Todd Smith shared a message from Perry about an impending threat against her California home that included a photo of smoke overtaking the nearby the Carquinez bridge.

“URGENT PRAYER REQUEST from Amy Perry … Hey guys - this is 3 miles from my church. I was supposed to preach this morning and we had to cancel. My granny is about 10 miles from this and has no power, and we know people who are stuck on the freeway where that is. Please pray for us all!” Her message read

Perry said that north of her home in Sonoma County 180,000 people had been evacuated.

“Fires have been contained — there are a few fires now in my area that have us a little on edge. I’ve packed a small bag of emergency things just in case. We should be fine, just please keep praying for everyone,” she pleaded.  

Hurricane-force winds caused the fire to grow at a rate of one football field every three seconds when it first ignited, according to CNN.

Perry explained that many of her neighbors lost power and the winds “blew the embers their way.” 

“We lost power for a while but are back up now,” she shared. 

On Monday, the worshiper took to social media to update everyone. 

“Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your continued prayers and concern. It looks like my area is doing fine, we have power but many still do not. And the fire north of us, the Kincaid Fire, still rages on and the air quality is terrible,” Perry added. 

She urged everyone to continue to pray for the almost “200,000 evacuees, first responders and everyone affected.”

The fire began on Oct. 23 and has quickly spread since. 


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