Sen. Rand Paul Warns Advances in Abortion, Science Could Lead to Society Killing Off the Imperfect

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) recently spoke to students of Liberty University in Virginia, warning them that advances in abortion, science and technology could result in the practice of eugenics in the future. Paul told the students that Americans must stay true to their values and independence in order to combat the government's dangerous control on its people. 

Paul was speaking at the well-known evangelical college in Lynchburg, Va. during its Monday Convocation ceremony alongside Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a Republican running for governor in the state's fast approaching election.

The Kentucky Senator focused his speech on the importance of Americans keeping their government's power in check. Paul incorporated film and literature references of dystopian futures to communicate that the country's fast advancements in technology and science could result in the practice of eugenics, or birth selection based on superior genetic traits.

Paul used two examples of literature and film for his speech, the first being author George Orwell's book 1984 that depicts a futuristic world with constant government surveillance on citizens. Paul also referenced the science fiction film Gattaca where eugenics is used to create a perfect human race with elite genetic traits.

"In your lifetime, much of your potential - or lack thereof - can be known simply by swabbing the inside of your cheek," Paul said to the students, according to the Associated Press. "Are we prepared to select out the imperfect among us?"

Paul said "hopefully" the U.S.'s advancements in technology "lead to great progress in combating disease, but keep an eye on who controls that technology." The senator went on to add that he, as a physician, is in support of science, but his "hope is that we don't lose our appreciation of the miracle that springs forth from tiny strands of DNA."

"Will we perhaps eliminate some part of our humanness, some part of our specialness, in seeking perfection?" Paul questioned.

"I believe that America is in a full-blown spiritual crisis. The problem, as Os Guinness puts it, 'is not the wolves at the door, but the termites in the floor,'" Paul told the students. "I think we've arrived at a day of reckoning. [...] America has much greatness left in her if we believe in ourselves, believe in our founding documents, believe that our rights come from our Creator, believe in an economic system that has made us the richest and the most humanitarian nation ever. But we must realize that freedom needs virtue. What America needs is not another politician. What America needs is a revival."

At Monday's event, Paul also sought to express his support for Republican Attorney General Cuccinelli in the upcoming governor's race on Nov. 5. Cuccinelli is pro-life and pro-small government, and trails Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe by 12 points, according to a recent Washington Post poll.

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