Shatner Calls Abrams a 'Pig' for Taking on Star Wars and Star Trek (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters)Actor William Shatner

William Shatner has called J.J. Abrams a "pig" for agreeing to direct the new Star Wars film, "Star Wars: Episode VII."

Abrams has already resurrected the Star Trek franchise, and is about to have his second Star Trek film released in cinemas. However, Shatner seems less than pleased with Abrams for also agreeing to take on one of the other biggest ever movie franchises in film history, in Star Wars.

Shatner has labeled the director "a pig" for doing so.

However, Shatner also explained his opinion that Abrams was one of the most talented actors in the filmmaking business today, and also refers to him as his "buddy," but he thought he had "gone too far."

There was a fair amount of tongue-in-cheek about Shatner's comments, and he has become well-known in recent years for his comical video clips. Indeed in this latest video clip he adds that Abrams had made a "foolhardy" mistake in taking on both popular movie franchises without even casting him in either of them.

Here is a video clip reporting on Shatner's comical comments on director J.J. Abrams:

Meanwhile, just last month it was revealed that Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco had joined Shatner for the new Priceline commercial.

In the new ad Shatner's Negotiator character reveals that he has a daughter, played by Cuoco, who he drops off as a young girl to be educated and trained by monks in the art of "deal making." Cuoco's character is then shown graduating from her training, and Shatner comes to pick her up, with the older character played by Cuoco. Their following conversation shows her joining her father in getting the best deal's for Priceline's customers and pitching the company to viewers, revealing the Priceline's mobile app.

Cuoco expressed her excitement at being brought on board for the Priceline commercials, and has said that her 81 year old co-star, Shatner, has made the company "cool."

She explained that she had been brought on board to ensure that the Priceline message was updated for its younger audiences and potential customers.

Shatner and Cuoco have already filmed the first installment of their series of ads together; it is scheduled to be launched Jan. 14.

Two further commercials are already planned to be filmed in the future with both Shatner and Cuoco starring - they are due to be shot in the summer, Cuoco has confirmed.

The pair seemed to get on like a house on fire, and exchanged compliments to one another. Cuoco has said that they were a good comedic match, according to the Associated Press, explaining that they had "way too much fun" filming together.

Shatner also praised the new Priceline actress, saying she was "quite a talent."

Priceline appear to have chosen Cuoco for the part to plug into her popularity of the actress and her show "The Big Bang Theory," which has become the most popular sit-com in the United States. The show features a group of four "nerdy" scientists and a "regular" neighbor, played by Cuoco. References are often made in the show to tech. gadgets and sci-fi films and shows, including Star Trek.

Cuoco has said, "The nerdy factor, the Trekkie stuff, it goes with 'Big Bang' and it all worked together," according to AP.

She added: "It's definitely exciting working with Bill, and being part of a campaign and a brand that I've pretty much grown up with. He has single-handedly built the Priceline Negotiator into a pop culture icon. I think there's a lot of overlap in our fans, who will appreciate seeing us together as a father and daughter team. And who wouldn't want to be William Shatner's daughter?"

Here is a video of Shatner and Cuoco in the new Priceline commercial: