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Six Christians Playing in Super Bowl LI

Six Christians Playing in Super Bowl LI

 6. Devin McCourty, 29, New England Patriots Safety 

Devin McCourty plays safety for the New England Patriots. | (Photo: Devin McCourty Instagram)

For Devin McCourty, his faith in God defines him more than his performance on the field.

"Striving to be rooted in God's Word and my Christian faith gives me a great foundation to lean on daily. Playing in the NFL or in a Super Bowl shouldn't define a person," he said in a previous Baptist Press report. "I don't really think anything in this game we do defines who we are as people. It's a blessing, it's a great opportunity ... to take advantage of the opportunity but still know who you are as a person."

When numerous people on his team were up in arms about President Donald Trump being elected into office, McCourty urged people to pray.

"I think just talking to our chaplain, he said it best. We just have to pray for the leadership of our country whether you agree with it, disagree with it," he said in a Patriots press conference last November.  "You pray for the leadership and you believe there's a way everything will be all right. Pray on it and hope everything works out well and believe in God.''


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