'Sonic Mania' News: PC Version Delayed, SEGA Makes It Up With Nostalgic Opening Animation and a Steam Freebie

(Photo: SEGA)A promotional image for "Sonic Mania."

The imminent arrival of the highly anticipated side-scrolling platform game "Sonic Mania" has been teased with the release of the game's opening animation, which gives fans of the franchise a bit of nostalgia.

The clip featured a modern art style and look to Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, but everything else in it harks back to the 90s, the decade in which the series began.

The nostalgic feel in the "Sonic Mania" opening animation may be the intention of the director Tyson Hesse all along. For the uninitiated, Hesse worked on the Archie Comics Sonic in the past.

The clip did not fail to build hype around the game even more with gamers and "Sonic" fans even more excited to get their hands on "Sonic Mania" and others hoping that an animated series would be born out of that amazing opening animation.

SEGA notes that the video serves as its "final gift" to fans before the release of "Sonic Mania," which will be out on the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on Aug. 15.

PC players will have to wait a bit longer as this version of the game was delayed to Aug. 29. In a livestream, "Sonic" community manager Aaron Webber explained that it is "going in for a bit more optimization."

The team is working really hard to make sure it works on all platforms and on a lot of things to touch it up. We are not going to put out a game that is not the best it can be. And we're going to maintain that level of quality and consistency and dedication to that quality. It is so important to us.

To make up for the delay, SEGA is giving away Steam copies of the original "Sonic the Hedgehog" game to those who pre-order "Sonic Mania" by Aug. 15 or those who purchase the Collector's Edition.

Although the latter will arrive on the original release date, "Sonic Mania" will not be available to play on PC until Aug. 29. The 1991 game should help fans get by the long wait.

During the same livestream, it was revealed that there will be 26 units of "Sonic Mania" Collector's Edition with signatures of the "Sonic" team members to be sold randomly in North America as an extra surprise to buyers.