'Star Trek' Phaser Rifle of Captain Kirk Auctioned for $231,000

The "Star Trek" phaser rifle once wielded by the wily Captain James T. Kirk was sold in an auction for the high price of $231,000 over the weekend. The Federation legend, played by William Shatner, used the gun just once in the series, which helped the collector's item exceed the auction's expectations by more than $150,000.

The "Star Trek" phaser was bought by collector and toy manufacturer Reuben Klamer for $231,000 in Beverly Hills, exceeding Julien's Auctions estimate of $50,000 to $70,000. Klamer had more than simple fan admiration for the phaser- he originally produced the gun for the show's second pilot back in the 1960s.

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of many of the "Star Trek" series and movies, had asked Klamer for a "really big gun." The science fiction showrunner was told by NBC executives to make the pilot more action-packed, Julien Auction house told CNN.

Captain Kirk only used the phaser rifle once for the retooled pilot of "Star Trek," but Klamer didn't manage to get the toy weapon back for decades. After the episode it was used in promotional photos, but after that it was scrapped for the traditional phaser pistol.

Other items were also sold for substantial amounts over the weekend at the Hollywood Legends auction. The famous bottle from another 1960s TV hit "I Dream of Jeanie." The prop, used during the first season of the NBC show, was purchased for $41,600 by an unknown buyer.

A "Wizard of Oz" flower pot belonging to the magical Munchkins was also sold, bringing Julien's Auctions $15,000. Christopher Reeve's hero outfit from "Superman IV" was bought for the large sum of $25,000, and one of Marilyn Monroe's nightshirts was purchased for $15,000.

Though Captain Kirk abandoned the phaser rifle after only one episode, later incarnations of the gun were seen in episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek: Voyager."

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