Subway Death Suspect: Man Caught on Camera Arguing With Victim (VIDEO)

A suspect is now in custody following the New York City subway incident that led to the death of a Queens father on Tuesday.

Ki-Suck Han, 58, died early Monday morning after being shoved on to a New York City subway track. Reports stated that a minute lapsed before the train arrived and struck Han; he was pronounced dead shortly after. The New York Post later released a picture of Han standing on the tracks, prompting outrage from some who questioned why no one had helped the father off the tracks.

The suspect was captured on video speaking to himself before starting an altercation with Han and allegedly pushing him on the tracks. Authorities believe the suspect works as a pusher for vendors according to a Chicago Tribune report, and they were able to track him down near Rockefeller Center, where he appeared to be working in the area. Police said Tuesday that the suspect had admitted guilt.

"The individual we talked to made statements implicating himself in the incident," New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne told The Tribune. Police did not release the name of the suspect, although other reports have implicated one man.

The photo of Han standing on the tracks with an approaching train was printed by the New York Post with the headline: "Pushed on the subway track, this man is about to die," and, "Doomed." Many criticized the publication, stating that the picture and headline was insensitive.

Photographer R. Umar Abbasi, who was also waiting for the train at the time of the incident, stated that it was not his intention to snap the shot but rather that he was attempting to use his flash to alert the train operator.

"It took me a second to figure out what was happening ... I saw the lights in the distance. My mind was to alert the train," Abbasi said in an interview on the "Today Show."

"I think it's terribly disturbing- imagine if that were your father or brother," CNN's Soledad O'Brien wrote via Twitter.