Tantrum Over Burger at McDonalds Leads to Criminal Charges

Do you want cheese with that? No, said one Pennsylvania man, who may now face charges for throwing a tantrum after his order was completed incorrectly.

In all fairness, McDonalds never proclaimed "have it your way" as a slogan. But that didn't stop Sean Varone from going into the golden arches chain and attempting to place a special order. His special request: no cheese on the burger. Unfortunately for Varone, he got a cheeseburger anyway, which prompted him to throw a tantrum in the restaurant.

"Police in York County say 35-year-old Sean Varone knocked over a trash can, threw a high chair and assaulted an employee at a Springettsbury Township McDonald's last week," according to the Associated Press.

As part of the assault, Varone was also accused of taking a cell phone from one of the employees who was attempting to call 911. Varone allegedly threw the cell phone across the parking lot before turning around to exit the restaurant.

"A criminal complaint was filed against Varone on Tuesday," AP reported. "Court records don't list an attorney for him and a phone listing couldn't immediately be located Wednesday."

Internet users were quick to respond to the incident. One admitted that Varone might have made at least a few mistakes.

"His first mistake was eating at McDonalds," the user wrote on a Yahoo blog.

Another user empathized with Varone, "to a point."

"Being lactose intollerant, I can sympathize with him to a point," the user wrote. "However, I only get mildly aggrevated as I ask for a new burger and mumble under my breath that 'there is a reason why they are only making minimum wage.'"

Another user also shared the same issue.

"As a person with milk allergy I can totally empathize with his frustration. I have been given 1 and had it replaced twice more and still had cheese on it," the user added.