Tara Reid Takes Aim at Media for 'Drunken Mess'

Actress Tara Reid has blamed her mishap with a motorcycle on the paparazzi that surrounded her while in France Sunday night.

The "American Pie" star appeared disheveled in St. Tropez after a night of partying when she fell off of a stationery motorcycle and then revealed her underwear to a crowd of onlookers. Reid, 36, was spotted stumbling before she climbed on top of the bike with a friend, and both fell onto the road during the incident.

Following TMZ's video release of the mishap- including a reference to a "drunken mess"- Reid retaliated, denying that the footage accurately portrays what really happened.

"Tmz are liars and they always against me they pushed us down that's why we fell why don't u see how we fell? It's a set up!" she posted on her Twitter account.

Moreover, she blamed TMZ's editing team for skewing the situation.

"Look how it is edited they only [showed] u after they knocked us down in front of our own boat its so wrong and I will defend us this time 100%," she tweeted. "That's why I was covering my face I knew I was getting set up so unfair its totally not right and I finally have had it stop picking on me!"

Although she was not hurt after the fall, a male bystander helped Reid to her feet. The spill did not hinder the actress' vacation though, and she posted a message on Twitter shortly after.

"What a night… I never laughed so hard ever ever I wish everyone the fun we had last night," wrote the actress. "Bye bye st.tropez and all the amazing people I met here thank you everyone for being so cool best summer ever! Its time to go home!"

Reid is notorious for her partying personality and has been photographed inebriated many times in the past.

In May, the actress was spotted at a yacht party in Cannes and appeared to have been drinking.

"I did party, but I wasn't breaking the law," she later admitted to Loaded magazine. "It wasn't that big of a deal. It's not like going out and getting drunk is a crime, lots of people do it."