Friday, June 22, 2012
Teaser for 'Five-Day Crucifixion' Released (VIDEO)

Teaser for 'Five-Day Crucifixion' Released (VIDEO)

The Sky's Limit Productions has had its initial project in pre-production for the past few months, and on June 16, the recently completed "Teaser" based on the screenplay and novel of the "The Five-Day Crucifixion" was released on the Internet.

The "Five-Day Crucifixion" is a Faith Based Supernatural Drama about John Santo who miraculously survives a tragic car accident, has a supernatural experience with Jesus Christ, and then battles Satan to save his daughter's life. "Second guessing a second chance, will second the failure" is the production's tag line.

Given a second chance to live again, John Santo explores the boundaries of his faith in God when Satan relentlessly tempts him with the love of a beautiful woman. While multiple levels of forgiveness and perseverance are creatively woven into the story's "personal challenges arc," it is an equally entertaining piece that will pique the curiosity of a wide range of audiences.

"The challenges of coordination and logistics even on a 'Teaser' scaled production was more effort than one might expect. However, bringing the characters to life from the words on a script was truly rewarding and fun. This is an entertaining, and 'spritually charged' story that will send the right message and generate interest when it's made," producer Sal Bono told the Christian Post.

Currently, pre-production activities are ongoing. Investors for the project are actively being explored to realize the screenplay into a full-feature production.

The "Teaser" was co-produced with the "Quicksilver Consortium," filmed on location in Scottsdale and Gold Canyon, Arizona. It was directed by Stephen Wade Nebgen, and stars: Seth Gandrud as John Santo, Kathleen Benner as Calliope/Satan, Aaron-Ginn Forseberg as Jesus Christ, Matthew Crosby as Pastor Sonny Romeo, and James Ray as Biker.

Those interested in the movie are encouraged to follow its progress at

Watch the teaser for "Five-Day Crucifixion" HERE:


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