'Teen Mom 2' Reunion Details Leaked: Plenty of Secrets, Revelations

(Photo: Facebook/TeenMom2)The 'Teen Mom 2' cast

The latest season of "Teen Mom 2" has been full of drama, perhaps more than any other season. Now the season is coming to a close and the stars will reunite for interviews with Dr. Drew Pinsky as is tradition. However, there are plenty of revelations and secrets to be heard during the girls' interviews.

First off, Leah Calvert tells Dr. Drew that days before he remarried, ex-husband Corey Simms called to tell her that he wanted to get back together. This was during her marriage to current husband Jeremy Calvert, and the revelation caused a great deal of strain on the Calvert relationship.

"Corey messed with Leah's head," Jeremy told Dr. Drew.

"So Jeremy was glad when Corey did go through with his wedding," Leah said, "because that way he couldn't come between us anymore."

Yet the two will always have to have a relationship due to their twin daughters. That relationship is made even more significant given that daughter Ali has muscular dystrophy. Jeremy and Corey's wife Miranda have been supportive of Corey and Leah and their girls. Even though Jeremy and Leah's marriage was put to the test this season due to his work, things are apparently good now.

Meanwhile, things between Kailyn Lowry and husband Javi Marroquin are apparently not going quite so well. Viewers will remember when Kailyn smacked Javi during an argument and realized that she had anger issues; she promised never to hit him again and get help for her issues. However, the night before the reunion, Kailyn allegedly smacked Javi again.

"She was forced to tell Dr. Drew about it," a source told In Touch Weekly.

Jenelle Evans and beau Nathan Griffith have also been having issues allegedly relating to his flirting with other girls. Evans expressed her disappointment and upset at his supposed flirting once she was released from an overnight stay in jail, but Griffith promised not to continue talking to other girls. Apparently that has not stopped.

"Jenelle was sick in bed," a source revealed, along with the statement that Griffith was at a bar. "One [girl] even recognized him and called Nathan out on his behavior. He just said, 'Jenelle who?'"

And just when you thought there couldn't be any more drama, Chelsea Houska comes along and drops not one but two bombshells on Dr. Drew.

Ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, the father of Houska's daughter Aubree, alleges that Chelsea slept with his older brothers about a month before she met Adam. She never mentioned it to Adam, though, and instead his own brother provided the information. Adam also alleges that Chelsea slept with one of his best friends when she was pregnant with Aubree.

The girls' interviews with Dr. Drew will air in two parts on April 15 and April 22 on MTV.