'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Goes Back to Court, Hoping to End Probation

"Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans is heading to court again, though it is not be for reasons most would expect. Instead of being charged with something, Evans is hoping to prove that she is fulfilling the judge's orders to remain sober, work a steady job and stay out of trouble.

In an interview with RadarOnline, Evans' lawyer stated that his client had complied with every obligation put on her by the judge.

"Jenelle is trying to straighten her life out and the first step she's taking is going to the court and requesting that a judge let her out of probation," said attorney Dustin Sullivan.

Evans will appear in court on April 24 and is optimistic that her sobriety and lifestyle changes will be enough proof for the court. In recent months, she has completed rehab for marijuana addiction and alcohol abuse, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Evans has received psychological treatment for the disorder and has had a relatively low-key life since then.

Reports stating that she was using LSD, or acid, were refuted last week. An ex-friend had alleged that Evans was using the drug in place of marijuana, but Evans promptly defended herself against the claims, saying that her friend "sold her out" for money.

"Jenelle has been doing really well," Sullivan told RadarOnline. "She is doing everything she is supposed to do and I've seen a big improvement in her life."

That includes being subject to random drug tests, which Evans has passed.

She recently broke up with an abusive boyfriend, and, at Sullivan's request, took down her Twitter account. It is a positive step forward for the teen, who still has problems with her temper and can get into heated arguments online. Evans still has a long way to go, though, in order to regain custody of her 2-year-old son, Jace, who is currently in the custody of Evans' mother.

"Nothing has been filed, but Jenelle has expressed an interest in getting custody of Jace back," Sullivan explained. "She would really like to have Jace back with her again."