Texas Sex Offender Executed: 'I'm Sorry for All the Pain' (PHOTO)

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Texas Sex Offender Executed

A Texas sex offender has been executed after being convicted of the rape, robbery and murder of a woman in San Antonio 11 years ago.

The execution of Ramon Torres Hernandez took place on Wednesday evening and comes after he was convicted along with two other people for the murder of San Antonio woman, Rosa Maria Rosando.

The woman was outside walking when she was attacked. She was the victim of a drive-by robbery, but when she refused to hand over her purse her attackers grabbed her an threw her into a car being driven by Hernandez, according to KWTX.

The woman then reportedly had her arms and legs bound and her mouth gagged, before she was taken to a motel. There, her attackers raped and killed her, before taking her body to nearby woods. They dug a shallow grave where they dumped her body, but which was later found by authorities.

Hernandez was actually on parole at the time of his arrest for the rape and murder of Rosando, and was also a suspect in the murders of three teenagers and a 12 year old girl.

Following his conviction Hernandez made numerous pleas for clemency; he asked for his case to be put before the U.S. Supreme Court, but was refused. He also applied to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles for clemency but that too was denied.

On Wednesday evening during Hernandez's execution, the warden asked whether the sex offender and murderer had any final statements to make before they proceeded with his execution, according to Fox News.

"Sorry for putting you all through all this," Hernandez said to one of his family members in attendance. "Tell everybody I love them."

He then briefly addressed the victim's family who were also in attendance, saying to them, "I'm very sorry for all the pain."

Following his final statements he was given a fatal dose of pentobarbital at 6.12 p.m. CST, and was declared dead at 6.38 p.m. CST.

He is already the 14th person to be executed in the state of Texas alone this year. Texas is the state within the United States that hands out the most death penalties each year.

Another inmate, Preston Hughes III, is scheduled for execution on Thursday for the murder of two people in Houston 24 years ago in 1988.