'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: Beth Offers Daryl Hope

(PHOTO: AMC)The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster.

"The Walking Dead" season four returns to the air Sunday with an episode entitled "Still."

Airing this Sunday, March 2, AMC has already released an official promo for the 11th episode in season four. The network also released two sneak peek videos from "Still," but only Beth and Daryl are featured in them. Nevertheless, fans can glean spoilers from the promotional content.

First of all, Beth, portrayed by Emily Kinney, has proven herself as a survivor despite her earlier desires to "opt out." When she decided to leave the prison with Daryl, (actor Norman Reedus) she had no idea that the pair would be fending solely for themselves in the woods during the zombie apocalypse. The "Still" promo features both Emily and Daryl's survival skills. One clip shows Emily making fire by using a vehicle's side-view mirror, while another reveals Daryl's hunting skills.

Furthermore, Reedus opened up about Sunday's episode, describing Emily as a "light at the end of the tunnel" for his character, according to Wet Paint. The actor also revealed Daryl's debt to Emily.

"He needs to be pushed in a hopeful direction, he's not a positive person," Reedus said of Daryl. "I will say that the episode that's playing this Sunday answers a lot of those questions [about hope]. The character that Emily plays is such a candle in the darkness for him and she bring that out in him again, she gives him hope in a way."

Reedus also promised fans that they are in for a treat with "Still," as the actor is "most proud" of the March 2 installment.

"It came out great, they did such a good job with it and Emily's so good in it," he said, according to We Paint.

The synopsis for "Still" on TV Guide is as follows: "A bizarre but enlightening mission is brought on by a group member's simple request."

"The Walking Dead" airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m. EST.