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'Tips for Jesus' Donor Leaves $2,000 Tip in California; Different Donor Leaves $11,000 Tip in Arizona

'Tips for Jesus' Donor Leaves $2,000 Tip in California; Different Donor Leaves $11,000 Tip in Arizona

A ,000 tip left at a California restaurant. | (Photo: Instagram/TipsForJesus)

The person/persons behind the tips for Jesus movement struck again at a Tacolicious restaurant in San Francisco, where a patron left behind a $2,000 tip for the staff.

The tip was left on a $50 tab at the restaurant, surprising the entire staff. A member confirmed that the donor was "amazing. He comes in here all the time and he's amazing … amazing to the staff," the employee told the SF Gate. And the waiter was not the only person to benefit.

"We are a pooled tip house and the whole staff benefits," the worker said.

The tip was left on Jan. 2, just days after an $11,000 tip was left on a bill of $420 in Arizona. The tips for Jesus movement has taken the nation by storm and caused many to wonder who is behind the generous donations. One theory posits that Jack Selby, the former Vice-President of PayPal is actually the anonymous patron, while another states that it is not just one person but an entire group of wealthy patrons.

At the Arizona location, a bar in Phoenix, bartender Clint Spotleson said it was a great surprise and a much-needed blessing.

"The first one [bill] he just filled out and left on the table. Then he was like, 'You know, I'll have another round.' Then the second one, he was like, 'Let's have fun with this one.' And he said to his friend, 'Put 10K on this one.' And she was like, 'OK,'" Spotleson told The Republic. "I kept composure because the guests were right in front of me at the time. We still had seven or eight people in the bar at the time. I just acted like nothing really happened."

Spotleson did not keep the money for himself, though, and shared the wealth with another bartender and the rest of the staff. He did keep enough to help with unexpected expenses.

"It's unreal," he said. "I'm up and I'm going to the bank now. It's crazy, absolutely crazy. And it's cool, too, because I've been having some car issues."


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