Toys 'R Us Offers Tabeo Tablet for Kids

Toys 'R Us is now offering a new Kindle Fire-like tablet called Tabeo specially made for youth needs.

The retailer plans on selling the new tablet for $50 less than the wildy popular Kindle Fire, and it will run the Android operating system.

The Tabeo resembles other devices such as the Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab, but the main difference with it is that it is customized for young children and comes with 50 free game applications including Angry Birds.

Toys 'R Us also hopes to have success with its own app store that it will introduce on the new device that features around 7,000 titles.

The company utilized the requests of focus groups in order to accurately build a device that allows parents to control what websites their children visit and how much time they will spend playing with their tablet.

Specifications on the Tabeo include 4GB Flash memory, 1GB RAM, a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, and Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. It will also have USB 2.0, Mini HDMI out, a built-in speaker, microphone, G-sensor, and front-facing camera.

Toys 'R Us described the device's display as being a 7-inch capacitive, TFT LCD with 16 million colors and a resolution of 800 x 480. The retailer also stated that the Tabeo can last up to 10 hours with normal usage and can play up to 6-7 hours of video. Parental controls include filters that allow parent to block 27 predetermined categories of content, and parents can choose additional sites to block.

Tabeo competitors such as the Kurio 7, Meep and Lexibook have had their prices slashed as the companies who created them hope to better compete with the Tabeo at its $150 tag.