Tropical Storm Andrea 2013: Flooding Threatens Recovering Sandy Victims

Tropical Storm Andrea made landfall over Florida on Thursday dumping several inches of rain and producing localized flooding in some areas as residents along the East coast prepare for moderate to severe flooding

Tropical Storm Andrea is the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, and came ashore Thursday afternoon with winds near-hurricane strength of 74 mph or more.

However, experts have said Thursday morning that they do not believe the tropical storm will strengthen as far as a hurricane before it reaches land.

Residents in Florida were warned that the biggest threat will be the torrential rains, and flooding is expected to hit the north western coastal regions of Florida. In some areas about 6 inches of rainfall is predicted.

Another potential hazard could come from tornadoes, which could result from the tropical storm as it hits land. Although the tornadoes would be expected to be nowhere near as big as the ones that hit Oklahoma recently, they could still cause localized damage where they touch down for brief periods.

Tropical storm warnings were also in effect early Friday for a large section of Florida's west coast all the way to Cape Charles Light, Va., the Weather Channel reports.

Additionally, Tropical Storm Andrea is threatening to bring high winds, heavy rain and rough seas to much of the U.S. East Coast including Washington and Philadelphia. Andrea should have diminished to rain and wind gusts by the time it approaches New York late Friday or Saturday, reports NBC News.

Residents just north of the mid-Atlantic coastline are preparing for several inches of rain in some parts of New York and New Jersey that are still recovering from Superstorm Sandy. Some residents in low lying areas and other flood prone zones have relocated to higher groud to wait out the storm.