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'Two Million Bikers' Moved to Tears From Support; Say 1.2 Million Participated This Year

'Two Million Bikers' Moved to Tears From Support; Say 1.2 Million Participated This Year

The "Two Million Bikers to D.C." group that staged a massive rally in the nation's capital in honor of the victims of the Sept, 11, 2001 attacks has estimated that as many as 1.2 million bikers in total participated in the event, and announced they are planning a follow-up tribute next year as well.

"Yes, we ride again next year. Yes, we will keep this page going," the group said on its Facebook page. "Last reports we heard, riders were estimated at 1.2 million."

"So many personal stories, so many tears shed for this country and the tragedy on 9.11.01 some even rode with 9.11.12 in their hearts," they added.

"America is a land build with excellence in mind. Bikers are some of the most excellent Americans that there are. And salute every participant in that beautiful ride yesterday. Every. Single. One."

The bikers said that their demonstration was aimed at standing by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and have said that they are "against any fundamental transformation of America."

Although they were denied a permit by the National Park Service and did not manage to get some intersections near monuments and on Capitol Hill in D.C. closed on Wednesday, they still decided to hold the rally and show their support for the victims of the terrorist attacks.

"Just want all you American patriots to know, you have moved the admins on this page to tears so many times today," they added in another post.

The "Two Million Bikers to D.C." group asked supporters to direct their prayers to all the bikers to make their way back home safely, as some of them had ridden for more than a week to get to the rally.

"Realize that we did this to show you what can and should be done in greater and greater numbers. We must take this country back to the founding documents and fast," they vowed, and noted that the entire rally was put together with almost no press coverage.

One of the bike leaders from Oklahoma said that the rally was an "amazing experience."

"I have no idea how many bikes were there but the DC police estimate over 1 million. Bikes were staged 10 to 12 abreast bumper to bumper and the line was at least a mile long.

"So much love for America. Bikers were from all walks of life. White, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow. Every one a patriotic American. The streets were lined with non riders cheering us on and waving flags. Traffic stopped and people got out of their cars to join in the waving and cheering. Overpasses were full of fire departments. Cops stood by the side of the road at attention, saluting us," the bike leader wrote, though the FB page did not give their name.


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