Two Rivers and Gospel Healing

Tonight, I'm reviewing the message I'll share at Two Rivers, where I serve as Interim Pastor. I love the people there, and am happy to be able to serve the body and work along side them. The Tennesean (our Nashville paper) recently did a story on Two Rivers focusing on its healing and movement forward. If you aren't from around here you probably don't know the details, but it has had some rough days.

Just a couple years ago Two Rivers was walking through some difficult times that made the local (and even national) news. I think everyone would agree that it hurt the witness of Christ and the reputation of His church.

I was happy to see the local paper pointing out that the church is a different place than it was two years ago. The Tennessean reports,

    The key to the turnaround is getting back to the basics of Christianity, says interim pastor Ed Stetzer. That means focusing on sharing their faith and treating one another with respect and love.

    It also means sending church members out to do community service projects.

    Since last fall, he's been preaching the same message.

    "We want to be known for what Jesus was known for," said Stetzer. "We are building a new reputation for sharing and showing the good news of Jesus Christ."

That's a theme for us now - building a new reputation of sharing and showing the good news of Jesus Christ.

I love the Jesus' church - even ones that have been through a rough patch. That's why we joined this one and are volunteering our time there. And, yes, I know I have plenty to do, but I'm glad to give of my time because I think the church is worth it.

I think too many give up on the church too soon. God's not done and we believe He has some great plans for Two Rivers.

Every church goes through struggle and conflict. That's what happens in a family regardless of its size or tribe. But what overcomes the obstacles, heals our wounds and unites us together on mission is the gospel. I hope it is at the center of your worship gathering!