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Tyler the Creator 'Yonkers' Singer Wins VMA Award; Sparks Christian Debate

Tyler the Creator 'Yonkers' Singer Wins VMA Award; Sparks Christian Debate

Tyler the Creator took home his first Moonman for Best New Artist at Sunday’s Video Music Awards for his single “Yonkers” from the album “Goblin.”

Joined by his group, Odd Future, Tyler gave an expletive-filled acceptance speech, confessing that he has wanted a VMA since he was nine.

“This is for my little brother Earl [Sweatshirt]. He's not here right now. I really can't believe I'm here right now. I didn't write a thank you speech. I don't know. F---. To all the kids watching, you can do this sh--. Thank you."

Tyler the Creator has sparked a social media debate amongst Christians especially regarding his disrespectful lyrics regarding God/Jesus.

The rapper says in his “Yonkers” track “Jesus called he said he’s sick of the disses. I told him to quit b----ing, this isn’t a f---ing hotline.”

On the “Religion and Tyler the Creator” Facebook page Terrence Tj SupaHype Rogers wrote,

“Regarding Tyler and Christianity, or even God for that matter, I don’t think people should even go there. We shouldn’t even ask him, and people DEFINITELY should not try to defend his spirituality.”

He added, “If you listen to Tyler, it must be because it does something for you, and that is ok. BUT, lets understand that this dude is far from God and Christianity in the message that he is portraying.”

Terrance Powell is a Christian user who said he liked Tyler to a certain point, but admitted “other Christians have messed up things by condemning and criticizing everything that isn’t normal to them.”

“We have to remember even Jesus walked with the homeless and the thieves and the lepers of the street. He still loves Tyler regardless of how many times Tyler slanders his name,” Powell said.

@JStaxxHussle tweeted, “If u say u love God but u glorify a rapper (tyler the creator) who blatantly opposes your religion and wat u suppose to stand 4. #killyoself”

“You can not have a religion and listen to Tyler, the Creator. That means you are against God and Jesus!” said @JuneMusicNotes.

@JustGabrielle wrote on Twitter, “I still don’t understand what Tyler The Creator’s religion and/or beliefs have to do with him having good music or not.”

@tai_WOAH said, “You’re contradicting your religion if you like tyler the creator…plain and simple.”

The rapper whose real name is Tyler Okonma is known for his profane tweets and suggestive lyrics.

Tyler tweeted last night after his win, “I F---ing Got It N----. Wanted one since 9, Did This
S--- Alone, OFWGKTA. Moms crying, Clancy cried, I Legitly Cried in Tacos Arms.”

In his controversial video for “Yonkers” Tyler claimed he was a “walkin’ paradox” and eats a cockroach before throwing it up – hanging himself at the end of the video.

“Yonkers” garnered almost 20 million views on YouTube.


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