'Watch Dogs 2' DLC Titled 'ScoutXpedition' Now Available As Free Download for PS4 Players

'ScoutXpedition' originally offered as a pre-order bonus for 'Watch Dogs 2'
Watch Dogs 2 official website'ScoutXpedition' mission now available to download for PS4 port of 'Watch Dogs 2'

PlayStation 4 players received a little gift from "Watch Dogs 2's" developers in the form of a new mission being made available to them.

Well, technically, the newly available mission is one that PS4 players could have gotten before had they opted to pre-order the game.

The new mission in question is "ScoutXpedition" and interested PS4 owners can now download it via the North American PlayStation Store, Power Up Gaming UK reported.

Players also don't need to worry about spending any money as the mission is being offered as a free downloadable.

According to the Watch Dogs Wiki, the "ScoutXpedition" mission will require players to first pick up a client and then proceed to look at some potential filming locations.

Players will then need to select at least three landmarks to go to and take pictures of them. Once all of this is done, they can drive the client back to the original pick-up point and then proceed to reap the rewards which includes additional followers and a decent amount of in-game money, provided that they performed well.

In related news, the duration of the final leg of the "T-Bone Chaos Challenge" event has been rescheduled. Instead of taking place next week, "Watch Dogs 2" players will be given the opportunity to take on the final challenge starting Jan. 23, according to a recent announcement from the developers.

The final "T-Bone Chaos Challenge" is known as "Better Together," and in order to complete it, players will need to successfully accomplish five co-op missions. Players who are able to finish the last "T-Bone Chaos Challenge" will be rewarded with a T-Bone Chaos event car skin.

Players will be able to take part in the final leg of the "T-Bone Chaos Challenge" event from Jan. 23 until Jan. 29.

More news about the other additions coming to "Watch Dogs 2" should be made available soon.