Will Trump's Election Help Us Share the Bible?

Steps to Liberation, through an Election and a Museum

Paul de Vries is an exclusive CP columnist.
Paul de Vries is an exclusive CP columnist. | (By CP Cartoonist Rod Anderson)

What a Divine gift to live in such transformative times! There has been plenty of memorable excitement around us all this year 2016 — both before and after our disruptive election. And when so many significant parts are moving, there are more opportunities for people who are committed to God to play a role in shaping the future results, too. The disruptive elections are truly symptoms of even greater potential changes — personally, politically, historically, and spiritually.

In the presidential election last month, the winning candidate helped destroy two powerful American political "dynasties" — the Bush Dynasty and the Clinton Dynasty — and he aided in causing significant "damage" to the out-of-touch leadership of the two major parties. In the process, thankfully, the campaign season and election also hugely shrank the power of so-called "political correctness" (PC). Whether or not you like president-elect Donald J. Trump, much of our conversation is now more free and honest after his victory. These last few days when people have tried to correct my comments to make me fit the expired PC bondage, I have calmly informed them that Trump already showed that PC is broken and dead. Need we say more?

The PC shackles are gone! Long live our liberty!

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And here is an awesome, new, fresh opportunity coming our way through the soon to be opened Museum of the Bible.

Now, I do not think that Trump killed PC. The deadening domination by PC shackles has been much too great for one person to destroy. Rather, Trump understood early that huge numbers of people were sick of PC and its deceitful dominion, and we all wanted the freedom of speech restored. Since PC is a parasite, totally needing large numbers of people's approval, it was already on life-support long before the presidential campaigns. Now, we again have the right to express openly our honest seasonal wishes: Merry Christmas!! Happy Hanukkah!

Perhaps now it is OK, also, to talk publically about the Bible and its Divine message. It is definitely time to bring the Bible back into public conversation. The Bible's continuing power to bring Light into our lives — as "a Lamp to our feet and a Light to our paths" — is totally unmatched by any other book. We cannot make wise decisions or thrive personally — or as families or as a country or world — without the Bible's liberating message and transformative perspective.

Great news: Just in time, before the end of 2017, the most technically advanced museum ever will open in our nation's capital city, and just a couple blocks from the Capitol Building and the National Mall. This huge museum of 430,000 square feet will be so fully stocked with fascinating objects and engaging information that it would take nine 8-hour days for an attentive person to tour it completely! This awesome Museum of the Bible is the truly unique, special, inspiring, technologically-awesome, cutting edge Museum for which many of us have prayed and longed.

In addition to the remarkable physical Museum of the Bible, the larger related project includes some tremendously fun, augmented-reality, hi-tech curricula for Bible engagement for schools and homes. The future of education is being inaugurated with the skilled packaging of vital Biblical knowledge — as it should be.

These new curricula engage Bible study to the excitement level that only begins to approximate the transformative role of the Bible in history. As readers may know, the Bible is the primary literary inspiration for political liberty and for the hopes and dreams of people on all continents, driving people for centuries to found transformative churches, healing hospitals, leading universities, and liberating movements. The Bible has also inspired the best music, art, architecture, poetry, and drama. It gave science and technology their reasons to exist, too. The Bible frequently changes our worlds. It remains the guide-stone of history and the linchpin of vibrant civilizations and nations.

The Bible has also been the awesome tool of Divine Light to generations of men and women in their search for ultimate personal meaning and precious wisdom for life.

The Bible is especially significant because it draws people to God and to Godly living. Its enduring power is an amazing endowment by God himself into his Word — through the best of a full range of literary tools and through God's Spirit's own work within the writers and the attentive readers. The Bible's purpose is to then draw all people's hearts, minds, spirits and bodies back to our Creator, to the One in whose Image we all are made — and in whose Image we truly long to be restored.

A deep awe of the Bible's achievements has been a huge factor in my own life — and hopefully in yours, too. Notably, the Museum of the Bible will utilize the most advanced technologies, will be situated in an intensely strategic location, will employ tons of immersive media, will draw on the collaborations of 80 universities, and will host 4-5 million openly curious visitors from all over the world every year starting when it opens a year from now. How great is that? What could be greater?

Simple. The awesome power of the Bible itself is so great to liberate, to transform, to uplift, and to endow men and women with wisdom that it remains the ultimate verbal source of true greatness. The founders of the Museum of the Bible were intensely wise to plug into this great source in their precious service to all people.

Thankfully, now we all can openly engage and enjoy the Bible — and Bible study and the Museum of the Bible — without the unholy and unwanted PC shackles.

Dr. Paul de Vries is the president of New York Divinity School, and a pastor, speaker and author. He is a specialist in Biblical hermeneutics and ethics and a life-long advocate of Biblical activism.

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