Woman Buried Alive Digs Out With Ring After Being Left for Dead by Fiance

A woman whose fiance buried her alive because he was “bored” told her story to a British court Thursday, and described how she escaped from the grave using her engagement ring.

Polish-born Michelina Lewendowska, 27, was tasered in the neck and bound and gagged before being stuffed into a cardboard box by her now former fiancé Marcin Kasprzak and his friend, Patryk Borys.

"I was trying to push him away with the taser. He knelt down, he pressed my ribs with his knee and continued to use the taser," she said in court where the two men were being tried for attempted murder, reported ABC News.

The two men then taped up the box and carried it out to a car before driving out into the woods and burying Lewendowska alive.

Forunately, Lewendowska was still wearing the diamond engagement ring, and she used it to claw herself out.

"I started to tear the box apart. I was focusing on the opening I had just made. Soil was getting in. My face was getting dirty. I could see some black sky and leaves. I was so exhausted," she said, reported the The Star.

The two men do not deny forcing Lewendowska into a cardboard box and burying her alive – but they say it was all just a big, practical joke. In fact, they even put air-holes for Lewendowska to breathe, ABC reported.

However, Lewendowska said the “air-holes” were actually handles to make it easier to carry the box out to be buried.

"I can tell you now that they were not left specifically or intentionally for me to live," she said.

Lewendowska testified that her former fiance said he had hated her for several years and wanted to get rid of her in order to be with another woman.

Kasprzak denied the claim and said he only did it because he was “bored.”

Prosecutors contend, however, that Kasprzak carried out the attack because he wanted sole custody of their 3-year-old son, Jakub, and planned to take the young boy to Poland.