Sunday, December 04, 2011
Man Has 16 Kids With 14 Women; Explains Bible 'Made Him Do It'

Man Has 16 Kids With 14 Women; Explains Bible 'Made Him Do It'

A British man who has 16 children with 14 different women has said he has lived as he has because the Bible says: “Go forth and multiply.” He also blamed the women for not taking birth control.

Jamie Cumming, 35, a 6 ft., 4 in. former security guard who is expecting his 17th baby next year maintains that he is a good father even if he does not have enough money to support all his children. He also blames the women for having the babies in the first place, arguing that “he never promised them anything,” according to the Daily Mail.

“The reality is all these women have been happy to have my babies,” Cumming said. “Maybe some of them thought I was a good catch. Others believed I’d settle down with them. I never promised them anything.”

He also said that others should not judge him because he is only fulfilling his duties as a man and a follower of the Bible.

“I know you’re not supposed to say it these days, but in my mind, it’s OK for me to do what I’ve done because I’m a man,” he said. “One instruction from the Bible I’d remind people of before they judge me is, ‘Go forth and multiply.'”

Cumming also said that women could have avoided having his babies if they wanted. "If women are going to have sex with me and don’t want a baby, why don’t they take the Pill," he said.

Although Cumming is alleged to be the father of 16 children, he has "only signed for six" of the children because he does not believe all 16 are his – but a few more than six might be his after all.

"Yes, there is a possibility that another couple are mine, but there is no way that I have 16 children,” he said, according to the Telegraph.

Cumming added: "I have been with a lot of women, I'm not perfect, but there's no way all of those children are mine...Sometimes things happen when you're drunk and it takes two when it comes to contraception, but I can't be the dad to all of these kids."

The Daily Mail reported that Cumming once contemplated becoming a priest, but gave up that idea once he discovered girls.