Woman Throws Drinks Over LA Lakers Fans Taking Knee During National Anthem

Wikimedia Commons/Joe JohnsonA woman was videotaped throwing her drink at fans who took a knee during the national anthems at an LA Lakers game.

In the midst of an ongoing debate over racism, a woman was recorded throwing her drink at two fans who decided to take a knee during the singing of the national anthem at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

In the video, the woman later identified as Haley Perea was seen approaching two men of color both of whom were already seated. Suddenly, she yells, "Excuse me, this is for the national anthem you pieces of s***," before throwing soda all over them.

The woman who was recording, Savannah Sugg, later posted the video on her Twitter account. In it, she wrote, "Take a kneel for the land of the slaves. Disrespect our flag and our country and that's how we'll react." The tweet has since been deleted along with both women's social media accounts.

The video was taken after the singing of the national anthem where the two men allegedly took a knee following the actions of San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick. It was unclear what happened after as the video was cut off but not before one of the men yelled at the women cursing them.

The video sparked outrage among online users with some calling for assault charges to be filed against Perea and Sugg. Others have tweeted at Perea's workplace calling for her to be fired.

Both women were revealed to be students at California Baptist University. As for the two men of color, their identity is currently unknown and have not come out with comments regarding the incident.

The act of kneeling during the singing of the national anthem was started by Kaepernick as a form of protest against alleged racism in law enforcement. The act was slowly adopted by his fellow players but it was after President Donald Trump called for the firing of players who kneeled that it became a nationwide phenomenon not just for athletes but fans as well.