World Aids Day 2011: America Pledges $50M More to Fight Aids (VIDEO)

President Obama has confirmed America’s commitment to fighting global AIDS today; promising $50 million towards getting medication and treatment to millions more people.

 World Aids Day 2011

Former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton also joined Obama at a World AIDS day event via satellite to approve of the administration’s plans to increase AIDS spending.

A program known as the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief helps support operations in 15 countries that focus on prevention and treatment in the world’s hardest hit regions, the majority being in Africa.

Former President Bush started the program in 2003, setting aside $15 billion and in 2008 Congress increased that amount to $48 billion.

However, the Obama administration was quick to point out that the additional $50 million would not be added to the program’s bottom line, instead saying they hope to redirect the additional funds through savings and cost-cutting measures.

In announcing America’s renewed commitment to AIDS funding, President Obama levied criticism at other countries, specifically China, for not contributing to the worldwide epidemic.