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'You Deserve It' Game Show Offers Chance to Help a Neighbor

'You Deserve It' Game Show Offers Chance to Help a Neighbor

"You Deserve It" is a new game show that will be sure to touch a few lives in its duration due to the concept of helping a neighbor.

"'You Deserve It' is a game that believes it’s better to give than to receive," is the slogan that host Chris Harrison uses at the beginning of every episode.

The ABC show will focus on the goodwill of people, as contestants on the show play for someone else and keep none of the earnings for themselves. The person could be anyone of the contestant's choosing, and the recipient does not know about the ordeal.

The prizes on the show range from $10,000 to $250,000 and the contestant has five tries to earn this money. The categories are "who, what, and where" and each give one clue. Additional clues are available for purchase, but the amount is hidden and it is a gamble the participant has to take.

Each episode opens up focusing on the person who the contestant is playing for, similar to the way "Extreme Makeover" would begin a show. Then a montage of photos and clips of people talking about why the family or person deserves the money is discussed.

According to ChristianityToday, the show does a very job of not overly emotionalizing these scenes and presents the situation as is, rather than trick the viewers into feeling bad for the person.

While the host of the show, Harrison, is at the “You Deserve It” headquarters his co-host, Brooke Burns, stays on location of the recipient and hides out until she can reveal how much the person has won.

ChristianityToday said the show is only slated to run for two more episodes because the show was only meant to spread Christmas spirit and it is unknown if it will be picked up for further episodes.

"You Deserve It" airs on ABC Mondays at 9/8c.


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