Zig on the Success Process

Learn one new word each day. In less than five minutes per day you can get amazing results. The average American learns only twenty-five new words each year and actually has a speaking vocabulary of five hundred words. One new word per day will mean that in one year you will have a distinct advantage over most people with whom you are dealing; within five years you will have a colossal advantage, not because you know the words but because those words give you a breadth and depth of understanding that will enrich your life in every way. Plus there is more good news: Every word has several buddies; when you learn one new word, you've just expanded your vocabulary by several more.

The International Paper Company has conclusively proven that your income and your vocabulary have a direct correlation. At age thirty-seven, Vince Robert (a fifth-grade dropout) of Ottawa, Canada, was a taxi driver. He spent many hours each day waiting for fares at hotels and airports. One day he was overtaken with inspiration and bought a twenty-pond dictionary. Vince put it on the seat beside him in his taxi and started learning those words. His knowledge increased so much, along with his confidence, that he started investing in the stock market. Bottom line, he bought the eighteen car cab company. Today he lectures to people on how to become successful. One word a day will make a difference, a dramatic difference in your personal, family, and sales life.