41 Texas Churches Leave UMC, Drag Show For Moms And Babies Sparks Outrage, Man Disrupts Anti-Racism Event

Exposing the Gender LieDownload our free eBook hereUnmasking Gender Ideology EventTop headlines for Wednesday, March 8, ...

Exposing the Gender Lie

Top headlines for Wednesday, March 8, 2023

A federal court determined that a network of New York-based pregnancy centers can proceed with challenging a law that the organization said forces pro-life or religious groups to hire employees who have had abortions or hold views contrary to their mission.

A man was arrested for allegedly disrupting an anti-racism event hosted by a New Jersey church by throwing smoke bombs into a crowd of people and trying to pepper spray attendees.

Another 41 congregations in Texas have officially left The United Methodist Church in response to the mainline Protestant denomination’s ongoing debate over its stance on homosexuality.

An organization that promotes drag events for moms and babies recently made its social media pages private following controversy over footage of scantily-clad drag performers dancing in front of children.

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