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3 Powerful Quotes About America, Greatness and Freedom

Author Joe Battaglia’s new book “Make America Good Again: 12.5 Biblical Principles to Unite Our Nation, Restore True Greatness, and Reshape Our Political Rhetoric” challenges us all to think much deeper about civility, kindness and the chaos unfolding around our nation.

In a recent interview with the “Edifi With Billy Hallowell” podcast (subscribe here), Battaglia dove deep into the biblical recipe for true greatness, where America has gone wrong — and how he believes we can get back on track. 

Listen to Battaglia’s interview (and be sure to download the Edifi podcast app for the best Christian podcasts around):

Let’s explore just three of Battaglia’s powerful quotes about America, goodness and freedom:

“I believe that greatness is about achievement, but goodness is about character.”

Battaglia reminds us that the world might seek greatness, but that goodness has everything to do with what’s in our hearts. This is a convicting message that our culture desperately needs right now.

“I think what we have lost in our country is the moral character that made us who we were, despite the imperfections. A society is only as good as the people that comprise it.”

When we look at the chaos all around us, it’s evident that we’ve lost our collective grips on reality. Battaglia explains that the missing ingredient is “moral character” and gives us a convicting message about how we can all come together to fix the problem.

“Freedom is fragile. It needs to be handled wisely, carefully or it will just be lost. And we cannot lose the thing that so many people gave lives for and dedicated themselves to.”

And last but not least comes freedom. Battaglia drives home a reality we know all too well: freedom isn’t free; it has been (and continues to be) purchased at great cost. It is essential we get back to our roots to ensure that we can maintain and restore freedom for everyone.

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