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'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson and Bob Goff Deliver True Hope

“Duck Dynasty” star, author and speaker Sadie Robertson recently hosted a fascinating conversation on her podcast with famed author Bob Goff — a chat that covered a variety of topics surrounding faith, purpose and legacy.

Goff, who is known for his inspirational books like “Dream Big” and “Love Does,” broke down an essential lesson for us all: the reality that being told “no” isn’t always the end of the road.

“You have this ambition … somebody says ‘no’ like to some internship … you got denied the graduate position that you wanted, and you think God closed the door,” he said. “And I’m like, ‘No!’ … What sometimes can be difficult for us is to stop the boat and to do what Jesus said in Mark: to go away to a quiet place and rest.”

Goff said people sometimes make a mistake in assuming that rest is somehow a form of laziness, but he explained the importance of pausing, pondering and praying. 

“[God] didn’t want us here to just get exhausted,” he said.

Robertson added that one of the most essential questions people often ask is how they can find their purpose. For his part, Goff had plenty to say about the topic.

“Ambitions should point you toward your legacy,” he said, explaining the deep importance of the Christian faith in his own life.

Listen to everything Goff had to say about faith, hope, legacy and ambition on Robertson’s “WHOA That’s Good Podcast.” Hear it right now on Edifi!

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“Think Biblically”:

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