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A Call to Purity: Living a Lifestyle of Purity


Most people think purity means saving yourself for marriage, a way to keep your virginity intact, or just a concept that applies to young people. The truth is, purity is not just for young people - purity is for all people. It's not a sex issue, it's a heart issue. It isn't just for a season of life; it's a lifestyle. This new book, by Richard and Brittni De La Mora, is both a poignant story and a reminder that God has a plan for your life - a plan for you to prosper and walk out the call that He specifically designed for you. When your life is pure, there is no stopping what God can do through you.

Brittni De La Mora is a wife, mother, pastor, evangelist, author, and passionate advocate for women involved in the sex industry. She didn't always lead a life in ministry. She was once named one of the world's most famous porn stars. At the pinnacle of her career in the adult entertainment industry, she had acquired fame, money, and success by having landed over 250+ roles in film. However, the prominent memories she recalls during this time were the deepest, darkest days of despair, leading her to survive by way of drugs, alcohol, and ultimately, failed attempts of suicide. Through a divine series of events, she began to encounter the love of God, which became substantial enough for her to make a dramatic, unexpected decision by all who knew her to leave the industry overnight.

Today Brittni and her husband, Richard, travel around the world preaching the gospel and sharing the love of God that set her free and is a firm believer if He did it for her He can do it for anyone else who would just believe in Him. A Call to Purity: Living a Lifestyle of Purity is their life-changing message for today’s culture. This is an idea read for both teenagers and adults.

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I Am Real


Is God real? Is God real to you?

Struggling with these questions Glennys Hyland risked everything leaving her home country of Honduras. A single mom with two children immigrating to a new land, Glennys heard God say to her on the plane to America, "tell everyone that you get in contact with that I AM real".

Sharing the real and vulnerable experiences of a woman's daily walk with the Lord, Glennys shares how real God can be in life's most challenging times. Through detailed recollections of the unexpected and disappointing seasons of life, Glennys tells of her struggles dealing with a spirit of fear, the sudden loss of loved ones, scars of rejection, the weight of homelessness, and overcoming sickness.

Encountering God and the practical instructions He gave her to live life in complete surrender to Him, Glennys discovered obedience resulted in constant interventions of God's supernatural provision.

From healing for her soul, to a strong and healthy marriage, and experiencing countless souls converted to Christ. God is real and He wants to be real to you.



Why doesn't God do things the way we think He should? All of us have an uncanny desire to improve nearly everything we are a part of, from books, to streaming services, to products, to politics, and even to our faith. We want to be invited to give input. We want our voices to be heard, our opinions to be known.

Focus Groups are a formalized way to gather and process input so that consumers' ideas can be better served. This works great in the business arena, but when we take this approach in our relationship with Jesus Christ, we are set up for a lot of frustration. There are many ways we try to tell Him how He can improve our religious experience with Him. If He would only listen... but we find God Does Not Do Focus Groups.

God is only interested in having us move toward Him on His terms. This book helps us see the ways we try to leverage God into doing a focus group with us and then explains why it is in our best interest that He NEVER will.



How does God lead the ordinary to be extraordinary?

How does a young boy from Sydney grow into a missionary leader helping hurting people grow in relationship and in confidence to live a new life drug-free?

Warwick Murphy tells of his and his wife's lifelong adventure from growing up in Sydney and Melbourne to a world of heroin, prison visits, street people, and misery. And how God was involved in every step of the journey and how He lead them throughout. Two stories intertwine in this great adventure. The story of one man's history and the adventures he finds. How so many things turned out differently to what he had anticipated.

The second story is about the involvement of God in being active in the first story. Watching as the young man steps into new things and learns one more thing about the nature and character of God. Neither story has an end as the adventure will continue to the other side of the horizon. To the other side of the rainbow.