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85-Year-Old Couple Remarry After 48 Years of Divorce and 2 Marriages (VIDEO)

85-Year-Old Couple Remarry After 48 Years of Divorce and 2 Marriages (VIDEO)

An 85 year-old couple has decided to remarry after 48 years of divorce.

Lena Henderson and Roland Davis were married in Chattanooga, Tennessee, during World War II when they were only teenagers. After some twenty years of marriage or so and four children, the couple then got divorced in 1964. Both couples decided to move on and re-marry although they appeared to remain good friends.

Distance soon separated the couple, Davis moved around the world and Henderson eventually ended up in West Seneca. Henderson lost her second husband first, and then in January Davis became a widower as well. Now, 48 years after their divorce, Henderson and Davis plan on remarrying.

"I always thought it might happen," Davis, a military vet, told the Buffalo news. "It was always in the back of my mind. We're just thankful that we could get back together."

For years Henderson and Davis kept in touch over the phone. Davis' wife even sought out Henderson for advice over the years. All three met up last in 1996 during a family reunion. Although Davis wasn't too surprised about the reunion, one of his children never suspected it.

"The way they would act to each other never indicated there was anything but a friendship between them," their youngest daughter, Renita Chadwick, told the Buffalo paper. "Every person I share this story with smiles, cries or laughs."

Chadwick did add however, that Henderson was always generous with her father's memory and her father likewise.

"My mother never had a harsh or contrary word to say about my dad, and my dad never had anything but loving remarks to make about my mother," she recalled.

Davis proposed over the phone on Easter and later flew to Henderson, the engagement ring pinned to his shirt so it would not be lost. The couple now plans to wed in Buffalo, NY.

"You don't think people are going to get married at this age," Henderson siad. "We're just thankful we've lived this long and that we're still here. We have a lot to be thankful for."


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