Friday, November 25, 2011
Black Friday 2011 Made Easy With Price Comparison, Parking Apps

Make shopping and parking easier with these useful apps

Black Friday 2011 Made Easy With Price Comparison, Parking Apps

As the Black Friday crowds die down throughout the day, stragglers will likely be a little more relaxed and able to spend more time finding the best deal now that the "doorbusters" have most likely been snapped up already. In order to help the shoppers who chose to sleep in, here are some apps that can help make finding the best deals a little easier.

The first app is ShopSavvy, available at the iTunes store. By simply opening the app and scanning the barcode of the product, shoppers can see the prices it is going for at other stores. Also, if the shopper decides not to buy the item, the app stores the barcode and alerts users if any coupons or rebates ever become available.

Another very useful comparison app is the Amazon Price Checker, also available for Android. Simply scan, snap a picture, or say the product name into the phone and the app shows the prices of the product on Amazon. Reviews of this app were favorable, although one customer said the "say it" feature of the app did not work well.

For shoppers who get frustrated simply trying to locate the item they are looking for in the store, the Aisle411 app helps do exactly that. Users create a shopping list and then enter the store they will be going to. The app then tells users where the items are located, effectively creating a more efficient shopping experience.

In addition to shopping apps, there are also several apps available to help find parking spots.

For shoppers living in the New York City, Boston, and Seattle areas, the PrimoSpot app allows potential parkers to find free and metered parking spots. It can also alert users as to which spots might be illegal at the time of the parking search, and even create a reminder so users will not forget where they parked.