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Britney Spears Home Sold for $4.25M

Britney Spears Home Sold for $4.25M

Britney Spears is moving on with her life and cutting her ties to the past. Her home in Beverly Hills has sold for $4.25 million; $1.2 million over the asking price.

The performer is planning to rent a home with fiancé Jason Trawick and her sons Sean, 6, and Jayden, 5. Spears has had a tumultuous few years, with an alleged mental breakdown, and control of her finances and work awarded to her father, Jamie, by a judge.

She is now getting herself back to normal and is hoping that the conservatorship will end soon.

"Britney has said that she feels she is ready to resume control of her life," a friend told TMZ. "She has expressed this sentiment on multiple occasions, but her doctor believes that Britney isn't ready for the conservatorship to be lifted. She has come a very long way in the last 18 months especially, but her team wants more time."

While Jamie is in control, any financial decisions have to meet his approval. That means the sale of the mansion will have to be approved by a court first before she can see any money from the sale. Jamie has also filed a petition to add Trawick to Spears' list of conservators, so that the couple will have more freedom.

Spears and Trawick became engaged in December 2011, and have planned a summer 2012 wedding. Moving in together is the next step for the couple, who will cohabitate before they say, "I do."

She was previously married to actor-rapper Kevin Federline, who is the father of her two sons. They filed for divorce in 2006, citing irreconcilable differences, and it was finalized in 2007. Spears then suffered an emotional breakdown and was hospitalized for several weeks. During that time, she lost physical custody of her sons but since then she has worked with Federline to raise their boys.


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