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'Code Vein' News: Devs Reveal Special Abilities Linked To Specific Partners In The Game

Revenants will be able to use specific Gifts while working with players

'Code Vein' News: Devs Reveal Special Abilities Linked To Specific Partners In The Game

The player and Mia working together inside 'Code Vein' | Bandai Namco

To help players inside "Code Vein," developers have decided that they can have other Revenants serve as their companions.

These other Revenants are not just nondescript non-player characters since they possess unique traits and abilities that are designed to help players in a variety of ways.

A new report from Gematsu contained the details pertaining to the Revenants.

Beginning with Mia, developers noted that while she was not the strongest Revenant in the game, she excels in providing support. She can attack enemies from range using her bayonet, and she can also use some Gifts – special abilities available to Revenants and the Lost, according to the Code Vein Wiki – during battle.

Mia's Guard of Honor Gift enables her to summon ice pillars that attack her enemies, while the Blood-Eating Long Sword increases the Drain ability of the weapons being used.

With Mia around, players will also be able to utilize the Trance Time Co-Op Gift that swaps melee attack power for reduced Ichor stock consumption when Gifts are activated.

The next partner character is Yakumo. In stark contrast to Mia, this Revenant prefers to fight within close quarters. Yakumo is armed with a two-handed sword, and he can wield it expertly thanks in part to him being among the strongest Revenants.

Yakumo's Gifts allow him and the player to continue fighting within close range as one of them provides additional defense while the other significantly enhances attack power. The Co-Op Gift usable with Yakumo is known as Lupine Live, and this one takes away evasion speed but adds to how much damage a player can deal. It also reduces stamina consumption when guarding.

Finally, developers revealed that Louis is a Revenant with balanced attributes, though what is interesting about the way he attacks is that he can inflict the "slow" status ailment. If players help him launch attacks faster, even tough enemies can be taken down with greater ease.

In battle, Louis can use the Gift known as Blade Dance to continually increase his attack power with each hit. The Co-Op Gift that can be utilized together with him is the Phantom Gain, and this causes attack power to increase at the expense of defense.

Figuring out which Revenants are best to have around based on their abilities will be essential to surviving in "Code Vein," and soon, players will be able to try all these things out for themselves.


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