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Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock Comedy Tour in the Works? Comedians Perform in NYC

Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock Comedy Tour in the Works? Comedians Perform in NYC

Dave Chappelle returned to stand-up late last month for three days while he was visiting New York, and now there's talk of a possible tour with fellow comedian Chris Rock. The two happened to be in New York City's Comedy Cellar, and discussed possible tour dates while on stage.

Dave Chappelle's return to comedy took place where he often used to do sets many years ago, on the stage of the Comedy Cellar. He was there to try out new material, riffing on different topics for about 40 minutes solo when a surprise guest hopped on the stage, according to

"Aw, you lucky motherf-----s," Chris Rock told the audience, who had been about to leave before he came in.

The two performed together, with Rock remarking that he couldn't open up for Jay-Z at Barclay's Center because he had no material. Soon, though, the two funnymen began discussing a serious comedy tour, with vague plans becoming clearer dates, and punchlines interspersed between.

Rock told Chappelle and the audience that he was filming a movie in the spring, but for a tour "by Halloween, [he] could do dates."

The two celebrities made jokes for a while, deciding to call and text famous friends like Jay-Z, Lenny Kravitz, and Arsenio Hall.

"This could be the show," Chappelle said, referring to the comedy tour idea. "Fireside chats with Chris Rock." Rock joked that Chappelle was ready to go immediately, whereas he has to prepare material before committing.

"Dave's like, let's just do it Wednesday. Unannounced!" Rock said.

The two's interaction, along with another unannounced appearance Wednesday with veteran comedians Kevin Hart, Paul Mooney, Marlon Wayans, and Bill Bellamy, has many convinced that a legendary comedy tour is in the making. Chappelle, though, is known for his erratic behavior, especially after walking away from one of the most successful comedy shows ever, "The Chappelle Show," in 2005.

When asked, neither Chris Rock nor Dave Chappelle's publicist seem to know if a comedy tour is in the works, or is even possible.

"I can't even say," Chappelle's representative told Entertainment Weekly.