'Fallout 76' Rumors: Mods Could Turn Out to Be Crucial Components of the Game

Bethesda's Todd Howard hints that players will have their 'own private world' that is conducive to modding

Fallout 76
Mods are expected to be made available inside 'Fallout 76' post-launch |

It hasn't even been released yet, but "Fallout 76" has already turned into one of the most polarizing titles ever announced by Bethesda Game Studios.

While some long-time fans of the series are open to sharing the in-game world with their fellow players and engaging in some community activities, others have already passed judgment on the game and want nothing to do with it because of its online nature.

Time will tell if this new entry in the series will be able to satisfy gamers, but for those who aren't in love with the title being online, they may be interested in hearing about how modding will be implemented in the game.

A video published by Gameslice earlier this month features Bethesda's Todd Howard talking to video game industry luminary Geoff Keighley, and one of the topics of discussion that came up during the interview was the aforementioned "Fallout" title.