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Holly Deveaux to Play Casey Anthony in Lifetime Movie 'Imperfect Justice'

Holly Deveaux to Play Casey Anthony in Lifetime Movie 'Imperfect Justice'

Holly Deveaux has won the role of Casey Anthony in a new Lifetime movie, the network has confirmed. She beat out more well-known actresses Kristen Stewart, Alyssa Milano, and Jennifer Love Hewitt to portray Anthony.

The upcoming movie, "Imperfect Justice" will feature Deveaux as well as Rob Lowe and Oscar Nunez from "The Office." Though it would be easy for Lifetime to simply depict the now famous story of Anthony's trial and upbringing, which was broadcast to the entire nation, the move will instead focus on the attorneys from the case.

Rob Lowe will play Jeff Ashton, the lead prosecutor, along with Elizabeth Mitchell as Linda Drake Burdick. Oscar Nunez will portray defense attorney Jose Baez. The role is a big one for the relative newcomer, who is only 19 and does not have the credentials of those she competed with for the role.

Deveaux previously appeared in the series "Less Than Kind" and "Baxter."

The Lifetime movie is based on the book "Imperfect Justice" by prosecutor Jeff Ashton. According to the publisher, the book tells "the behind-the-scenes story of the investigation, the trial and the now-infamous verdict. Moving beyond the simple explanations, Ashton offers an in-depth look at the complex figure of Casey Anthony, a woman whose lies he spent three years trying to understand."

While Lifetime has not set a date for the movie's debut, the news of Deveaux's role could not come at a more opportune time. It was revealed just this week where Anthony had been hiding out after the end of the trial last year. She was forced into hiding after several threats were made against her life, and the revelation of her location could be seen as harmful.

Anthony is due in court to face a lawsuit and will be forced back into the public arena, which may be dangerous as the death threats have not stopped and many Americans are outraged that she was not found guilty of the death of her daughter, Caylee.


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