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iOS 5 Release Date: Reviews Claim Apple's Best Release Yet?

iOS 5 Release Date: Reviews Claim Apple's Best Release Yet?

Today Apple released its latest operating system, the iOS 5. The system went live on Apple’s download servers at approximately 1 p.m. ET and Apple’s website proclaims, “We’ve taken the iOS to a whole new level.”

The new operating system is offering over 200 new features including some noteworthy additions such as iCloud, Notifications Center, Reminders, a new iTunes and iMessage.

With the system just released, technology guru’s are coming out to discuss just what the upgrade means for Apple users and if the upgrade really has taken the iOS to a “whole new level.”

Christina Warren of called the new operating system a “massive upgrade,” saying that the iOS 5 is Apple’s “most polished” operating system yet.

Warren added that the new system promises to bring a robust experience to Apple fans and is a “must-have” for all iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch users.

However, Jason Parker, seemed to disagree with Warren’s assessment calling the upgrade “modest, but definitely worthwhile.”

Parker said that the iOS 5 upgrade is not as much of an operating system enhancement as was seen with iOS 4 in June 2010, but says that the system does offer much-needed enhancements.

Parker also added that some of the new features will “seriously change” how one uses their Apple handset.

With so much interest revolving around how Apple's new system will work and what the added features will have to offer, Apple users have already flooded Apple’s support forum by midday today reporting problems with their iOS 5 upgrade.

Experts suggest that the problems with upgrading likely have to do with swamped servers on Apple’s end, and may not imply any problems with the actual system or the devices users are upgrading on.