Thursday, March 22, 2012
iPhone 5 Concept Released With Rumored 4.6-Inch Display

iPhone 5 Concept Released With Rumored 4.6-Inch Display

A new iPhone 5 concept has emerged that incorporates the rumored 4.6-inch display.

The rendering was created by ADR Studio's Antonio De Rosa who also recently released the iPhone SJ mock-up The Christian Post covered earlier this year.

This new mock-up is titled 'the new iPhone' based off the name given to the third generation iPad that was released earlier this month and has sold 3 million units so far.

The mock-up also includes an LED indicator around the entire edge of the smartphone along with a home button integrated into the iOS UI, and an aluminum unibody design.

It also resembles Samsung's Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus smartphones with an extremely thin design accompanied by a larger screen.

The new iPhone is rumored to feature a 4.6-inch retina display and will launch sometime in the second quarter of this year, according to South Korean media outlet The Maeli Business Newspaper.

It reported that Apple has decided to go with a bigger 4.6-inch display for the next generation iPhone and has already begun placing orders to its suppliers.

Both LG and Samsung, who normally make the screens for Apple's mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone, declined to comment on the news.

Samsung normally uses OLED displays in its Galaxy devices such as the Tab, S2 and Nexus. The high-definition Retina displays made for the iPad contain several times as many pixels within the same area.

The iPhone 4S that was released last October went on to be the world's best selling smartphone. Apple was expected to unveil the iPhone 5 last year that was rumored to feature a larger display. However, the company ended up releasing the 4S that features the exact same design of the iPhone 4.



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