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James Holmes Lawsuit: Man Blames Theater, Doctors, and Warner Bros. for Shootings

Torrence Brown
Man files lawsuit after Colorado shootings. |

The first lawsuit resulting from the "Dark Knight Rises" shootings that occurred in Colorado has been filed, citing that the theater, the doctors of the suspect, and the film studio should all be held accountable for the incident.

Torrence Brown, Jr. has filed the first official lawsuit in the James Holmes shooting case. Brown was in the theater when the incident occurred and although he did not acquire any injuries, he claims that he was left emotionally traumatized after the friend he attended the screening with was shot and killed.

A.J. Boik, Brown's alleged best friend, was shot in the chest and is one of 12 other victims who died early Friday morning after Holmes released gas into the Century 16 theater and opened fire. For the lawsuit, Brown has hired attorney Donald Karpel and places blame of the shooting on three different parties, according to TMZ.

Karpel first alleges that the theater was negligent for having an emergency door that was not fully equipped with an alarm. Holmes utilized the emergency exit in order regain entry to the theater after purchasing a ticket to the film. Holmes also gained access to his weapons through the emergency exit. In addition, Karpel also charges that Holmes' doctors should be held accountable for not carefully monitoring the medication that he was on.

Finally, Karpel is bringing charges against Warner Bros. stating that the violent actions taken by Holmes were remnant of some of the film's more graphic and violent scenes. According to Brown's attorney, people in the theater were taken even more off guard by the shooting because they initially believed that the stunt was part of the film.

"Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today," Karpel said according to TMZ.

Many users objected to the lawsuit stating that it was an attempt to "cash in on a tragedy" and hypocritical in nature.

"I dont even know what to say about this, seriously? Someone who experienced trauma, usually isn't so quick to lawyer up. Warner Bros.?" Laura wrote on the TMZ blog. "I feel bad for the victims, but this guy just looks like he's trying to get something from people who really couldn't have done anything to stop this guy."

"You went to see the freaking movie cause of the violence! Now you wanna sue because of it?" GBS1991 questioned.

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