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Kim Jong-il Death Spoils '30 Rock' Story Line

Kim Jong-il Death Spoils '30 Rock' Story Line

The passing of Kim Jong-il has affected many aspects of the world, but perhaps what was most unexpected was the "Dear Leader's" impact on "30 Rock."

NBC's hit comedy now has to scramble to rework the entire plot of their season because the latest story line features one of the characters, Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks), getting kidnapped by the North Korean tyrant to be his propaganda spokeswoman.

The show is currently on a short mid-season hiatus and will be returning on Jan. 12 – seemingly finishing the story line.

Twitter immediately blew up with speculation as to what would happen when the show comes back.

According to Yahoo, fans came up with crazy scenarios, trying to create a feasible plot. One person suggested that Avery was a secret assassin ready to take out Jong.

Banks even tweeted about it herself, "Appreciate all the concern over Avery Jessup's fate now that Kim Jong Il has died. We're at a pivotal moment in history."

The dictator died at the age of 69, the country’s state-run TV station announced on Monday.

Kim died on a train at 8.30 a.m. on Saturday while taking part in a visit to an area outside the country’s capital city, the announcement reported.

An emotional news announcer, who was wearing black, read the statement on North Korea’s national television service. The announcer explained that the dictator died on Saturday of physical and mental “overwork.” However, a later report released by KCNA has claimed that Kim died of a heart attack.

The North Korean leader has led the communist country since the death of his father, Kim Il-sung, in 1994. He has been in poor health since 2008 when he suffered a stroke.

In recent months, Kim had kept himself out of the public eye, leading to rumors of his deteriorating health.

Commentators have long believed that Kim's third son, Kim Jong-un, will take over his father's position. In recent years Kim has given him more official duties. Kim Jong-un is believed to be in his late 20s, and started his career as a four-star general.


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