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Kim Kardashian: 'I'm in Love With Love'

Kim Kardashian: 'I'm in Love With Love'

Kim Kardashian has admitted to Jay Leno and America that it was a mistake to marry Kris Humphries and that she is "a girl who really believes in love."

Appearing on last night's show, Kardashian explained that she couldn't help but marry Humphries despite her parents' warnings not to.

"I'm a girl who really believes in love. I'm a person where when I'm in love, you can't tell me anything. You gotta go through it yourself," said the reality star.

"I'm in love with love and I thought this was it for me, but when I realized it wasn't, I thought … I've always tried to be really respectful of everyone involved," she added.

The couple divorced after only 72 days of marriage, and the court proceedings have been highly covered by the media and reveal hurt feelings, anger, as well as rumors of infidelity and fame-seeking.

"I wanted to be fair to me," she told Leno. "But I also wanted to be fair to someone else. So when I knew it wasn't right ... To be fair to everyone, I knew I had to end it and I'm okay with that decision. I learned so many lessons about it, and it's changed who I am as a person, I think for the better.

"The things that I care about in life have completely changed because of this, so I really think everything happens for a reason," she added. Though some have claimed that Kardashian married Humphries for the publicity, she has denied those rumors and insists that she is simply who she is, both on and off camera.

"It was really hard to go through, probably the toughest thing I ever had to go through, but I had my family there," she emphatically stated. "We are exactly who we are whether the cameras are on or off, and that's why I love my family so much. I've showed my life and the reality of my life, and it might not be pretty all the time, but it's who I am."


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