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PS4 Outpaces Xbox One in Pre-order Numbers

PS4 Outpaces Xbox One in Pre-order Numbers

For every two Xbox One consoles that are pre-ordered, three PlayStation 4 consoles are reserved, according to new data from U.S. retailers.

The data used to find this information was compiled between Monday June 10 and Wednesday June 12. This is a small window to make a true judgment on the future sales of each console; however, it does indicate that PS4 resonated a bit louder with gamers at this year's E3.

IGN also took a survey during E3 asking those in attendance who they thought was winning at this year's event. Out of 280,000 people, 81 percent voted that Sony was the winner. Microsoft came in second with a disappointing 12 percent and Nintendo was dead last with 7 percent.

Despite early backlash to Microsoft's always online requirement and game registration, the company still remains confident that it will make a serious impact when the console launches this Nov. Microsoft's Games Studio VP Phil Spencer highlighted that the competition between the console's is not a sprint, and that the Xbox One has more content to share than the PS4.

Video gamers seemed to be more pleased with Sony's console this time around. However, later on down the line, system exclusives and online capabilities could play the biggest role in this console battle between the PS4 and Xbox One. Both companies have promised to deliver more than enough exclusives to keep their loyalists happy and Halo/Gears of War fans will easily gravitate to the Xbox while Uncharted fans will stick with PS4. However, those in the middle might go with the PS4 due to its $399 price tag. Things seems to be on the opposite side in the last go round as the Xbox 360 was cheaper than the PS3 when the Sony console launched in 2006.


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