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Spiderman: New Trailer Released for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' (VIDEO)

Spiderman: New Trailer Released for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' (VIDEO)

A new trailer of the up coming "The Amazing Spider Man" movie to open in theaters July 3, 2012 was released Wednesday morning online, despite the criticism of many asking why another re-boot has been created.

This is the second trailer to be revealed of the movie, which is a remake of Marvel's comic book character Spider Man, who has already been the main character in three other Hollywood films. Many have questioned why producers have decided to once again re-make and re-cast a whole new film surrounding Spider Man.

Andrew Garfield, actor from "The Social Network," is cast to play the new and this time "amazing" Spider Man. Emma Stone, who recently starred in "The Help" will play Gwen Stacy, the super hero's newest love interest. The original Spider Man, starring Toby McGuire and Kirsten Dunst, debuted only 10 years ago. So why the remake?

The new film plans to take a more contemporary spin and give viewers more insight into the life of Peter Parker. The new film has been written by James Vanderbilt, who also wrote "Zodiac" and is to be directed by Marc Webb, the director of "500 Days of Summer."

Still many remain skeptical as to whether yet another Spider Man origins movie should have been made in the first place. Yahoo Movies write Timothy Saxton believes that Hollywood is on a new slippery slope. "Reboot fever has infected Hollywood, and it is quickly taking on the appearance of a virus spreading a contagion that will wipe out all the precious memories of your favorite franchises," Sexton writes, predicting that a re-boot of the "Dark Knight" could follow.

Despite criticism, some comic fans may still have reason to be excited. The new trailer depicts a more serious version of Spider Man and appears to delve deeper into the history of Peter Parker's family history with all new added effects and of course, a 3-D release.


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